Lenexa Medical Have Been Granted Australian Made Certification

May 9, 2022

We are proud to announce that our innovative technology, LenexaCARE®, has been granted the Australian Made Certification. With this achievement, we can ensure our products are certified as ‘Australian Made’ – authentic, premium quality products that originate from our clean, green environment and that are made to demanding Australian standards.

Having successfully registered under the Australian Made Certification means that our products possess such high quality values:

  • Safe – Products made and grown in accordance with strict regulations and high standards
  • High Quality – Components, ingredients and manufacturing standards are some of the highest in the world
  • Value – Represents good value for money and an opportunity to generate a premium in the marketplace.

Our team is extremely proud of our success in being recognized with the Australian Made Certification, acknowledging all the efforts and countless tests and trials that the team have completed.

We are looking forward to continuing our mission to deliver a better standard of care to patients who are at-risk of pressure injuries worldwide.

To learn more about Australian Made Certification, visit: https://australianmade.com.au/

To learn more about Lenexa Medical, visit: https://stg.lenexamedical.com/

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