The Lenexa Solution

LenexaCARE® provides healthcare staff with personalised and targeted information to enable a better standard of pressure injury care.

Why care?

Pressure injuries are preventable

80-95% of pressure injuries are preventable5. Yet, they continue to cause pain for millions of patients and cost the healthcare system billions of dollars worldwide.

We are big believers in patient-centred care and are committed to raising the standard of care within pressure injury prevention.

Our Technology

The LenexaCARE®

  • Integrated fabric-based sensor
  • AI software

Our pressure injury prevention solution is designed to continuously monitor the patient’s position and presence, as well as their high-pressure areas, ultimately providing real-time data to enable timely and precise intervention.

Lenexa Care technology innovation

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Our live patient pressure monitoring system

Our journey

Technology Readiness

Market approval

LenexaCARE® is approved for clinical use in Australia and New Zealand

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