The Latest Pressure Injury Technology Can Help Australian Hospitals Save Billions

May 19, 2022

Every year, the Australian public hospital system is estimated to spend about $9.11 billion due to the cost of pressure injuries (PIs), according to the International Journal of Nursing Studies (1). Not only is it stressful in terms of the pain it causes the patients, but it is also a huge financial burden to the healthcare systems, especially in Australia.

Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial in handling PIs. However, the current lack of technology and preventive measures in terms of its technicality, functionality, and effectiveness is also not necessarily helpful in settling this matter.

However, although it has been a global problem worldwide, pressure injuries are not inevitable. With proper preventive treatment, technology, and innovation, this illness can mostly be stopped before it develops. The latest innovation in pressure injury prevention – the Patient-Centred LenexaCARE® Technology can be implemented in healthcare systems to monitor patients and enable personalised prevention strategies to keep PIs under control, preventing further expenses.

At Lenexa Medical, we seek to solve this global problem by facilitating personalised connected care. The LenexaCARE® system – a continuous-care patient monitoring and management system – converts a traditional hospital mattress into a patient monitoring platform. It provides busy healthcare staff with the information they need to effectively manage PI care before they begin to develop.

Comprising a patented integrated fabric-based sensor, user interface and AI software, the technology is personalised to each patient, with real time pressure profile and position information communicated to staff to enable targeted and timely PI prevention – helping not only patients from further pain, but also saving Australian Hospitals from millions or even billions of dollars that would otherwise be spent managing pressure injuries.

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